Here are some kind words from some of our families.

The welcoming and supportive community that Glenda Villajuan fosters for all of us – children and parents – is something that we feel is very unique. Glenda is always on top of what the current standards of early education are and she is continually looking to our daughter’s next milestones, and working to help her reach them.”

– Amanda & Nik

“We are very pleased with the love, kindness and quality of care our son, Crescent, was given at CitiTots…He has a great head start with his education and is now prepared for kindergarten.”

– Elly & Jay

“CitiTots will always hold a special place in our hearts. And Leela’s too, no doubt. We’re so happy that she prospered there and look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood in the future.”

– Anandaroop 

“We have been VERY happy with CitiTots and believe it has been a wonderful environment for Cassidy. I particularly feel that Glenda personally exhibits a warmth and dedication to her kids that are exceptional.”


“We have nothing but wonderful things to say about the staff, program and overall experience. We have become close with the teachers as well as many of the other parents at CitiTots, which has become a warm and supportive community without whom I cannot imagine the last two years of our lives.”

– Kelly

“The social aspect of Cititots was what drew us in the first place.  We wanted to give our child more exposure to the outside world, other children, and multiple types of input to her daily routine. Each day is packed with activities and learning that we could never supply on our own and our daughter has grown to become an articulate, creative and sharing toddler during her time there. We credit this to the hard work of the Cititots teachers! This combined with Glenda’s open ears and attention to feedback has made our time at Cititots invaluably successful to us.”

– Melissa

“Thank you so much for all the great work and attention brought to Mia this year. She has grown up so much and we can tell she’s having a great time at school :). It means a lot to us!”

– Julie  & Laurent

“Glenda and her team have provided excellent care to my child and have developed a reputation in the neighborhood as a quality childcare facility. They truly support the entire family which in turn helps strengthen the community as a whole.”

– Hannah

“Our daughter Maria has been going to CitiTots since September 2015. We find it to be an outstanding preschool with caring teachers and Glenda is a terrific owner.”

– Lina & Tony

“Glenda rapidly became an essential pillar in our son’s education and a key part in his daily activities. Gaston has always been very excited to go to CitiTots!

– Arnaud & Marine

“You and the team at CitiTots have been absolutely fantastic in so many ways and we’re lucky to have found you when we did. In fact, we see you as an extension of our family…”

– Belinda & Josh

“It is a wonderfully run daycare that I recommend to all mothers in the neighborhood. Glenda is not only passionate about child development and creating a deep constructive environment for children, but also an astute business owner.”

– Blossom

“Thanks for making our time at CitiTots so special and fun! We appreciate the understanding, flexibility, and you’ve shown toward David and our ever-changing circumstances.

– Patrick & Lana