Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the CitiTots family!

For Infant and Toddler Programs, there are Two forms you need to complete plus a third one if you wish to pay online. **For 3-K and Pre-K registration, scroll down.**

  1. Online Registration form to onboard your child into our system.

  2. Downloadable PDF forms required by the state and you need return to us (you can fax too)

  3. Credit card payment form if you wish to pay electronically

1. Online Registration
You will need the contact info for your child’s doctor, dentist, preferred medical facility or hospital and anyone who you want authorized to pick up your child and/or be an emergency contact, to complete the forms.


2. Required State Forms
Please fill out the medical, napping arrangement and over the counter consent forms at the links below.  The  medical forms must to be completed by your child’s pediatrician and yourself if your child will need an epipen or asthma medication (the only two prescription medication we are permitted to administer).  Please down load and submit it to us by dropping it off at the school or faxing it to 866-829-2588.  Please let us know if you are faxing it so we can keep an eye out for it.

These medical and napping arrangement consent form must also be completed prior to attendance. Medical Forms and Napping Consent Form

3. Electronic Payment
We prefer payment via Zelle/QuickPay or Venmo using info@cititots.com (for Lafayette student) or director@cititots.com (for Marcy student) as the payee.  If you wish to pay by credit card, please download this form and email back or fax to 866-829-2588.  Please note that there is a processing fee involved. Click here to download the form.

3-K and Pre-K Registration

Please provide the following via e-mail to info@cititots.com:

  1. Proof of Birth (child’s birth certificate or passport)
  2. Two verifiable proofs of address (see NYC DOE Chancellor’s Regulation A101, available at tinyurl.com/nycdoe-regulation-a101)
  3. UPK Registration Packet
  4. CH-205 Child & Adolescent Health Examination Form and Napping Consent
  5. Photo Release Form

Downloadable Forms for 3K and Pre-K