We Are So Lucky

I just saw this video on TED and it breaks my heart what these young girls have to go through. I am so thankful that we live in this county and our girls are free to go to school and be whatever they want to be!

Watch the video!

Why CitiTots?


In 2002, our daughter, Torin, was born and I experienced firsthand the challenges faced by parents having to leave the care of their children, all too often, to a total stranger.  While not at all new to the challenges surrounding the availability of quality child care and already having been an advocate for children all my adult life, the seeds for CitiTots were planted.

Our son, Emilio, was born 4 years later and had special needs that were difficult to accommodate in traditional learning environment. This motivated me to earn another graduate degree, this time in education.  I recognized early on that home schooling may be an only option to ensure that he gets the appropriate education in an environment where his style of learning is celebrated and supported.  In addition, I have witnessed and experienced all too well the struggles faced by parents with young children who are twice exceptional.  Starting my own childcare program was now a goal where I can apply my understanding, knowledge, and life’s passion towards protecting and advocating for children and families.

In 2012, the doors to CitiTots opened and is the embodiment of my values in regards to children and education.

I believe that all children have limitless potential and my job as a caregiver and educator is to help lay the foundation to unlock that potential.

I believe that every child deserves a warm, loving and home-like environment to explore and grow into themselves.

I believe that each child is different and that those differences must be recognized, nurtured and celebrated.

CitiTots is the culmination of these core concepts. Everyday, the CitiTots team and I use our knowledge and experience in early childhood development to do what’s best for these precious young minds that we are honored to have in our charge.

Glenda Villajuan, MA, MS
Founder & Director